Our two selves...

As humans, we have many sides to our personality. We present ourselves as a unified being but in actual fact, we are composed of many layers. Over the last few months, I decided to slow down whilst shooting and captured a few portraits of friends and loved ones with silver film. A small mistake quickly grew to become a mini project of mine. Below are some of the images I have captured on Mamiya RB67 and Hasselblad 501c. MauriS10x12_web_blk_ charles10x12_web_blk


Colour printing

About ten years ago, I learnt black and white darkroom processing and printing. I recalled that I was so fascinated with the process and one thing I loved was watching the image take shape when the paper gets dunked into the developer. Today, I learnt about colour printing and am so in love with the process - working in complete darkness, changing the colour make up (cyan, magenta, yellow) and then seeing the result on the other end. There is no orange/red light in the dark room. Any hint of light e.g. mobile phone will fog the paper once exposed. It is as simple as that.

The technicality of developing a print requires a lot of patience and time. Colour print seems to have more variables than black and white. Below is what I produced today - giving colour printing a go (with some additional notes).


You can even get experimental with your final print i.e. pour bleach over the print and see the different layers of colours being bleached off slowly.


Stay tune for more updates on how I get on with my colour printing!

Out and about in Oxford

Just a couple of months back, Sam, Hannah, Giulia, Sandy, the dude and I headed to Oxford for a day of punting. It was all new to me and I did not know what to expect. Apart from Sam who has had prior experience, it was a first for us. It took the boys a short while to get the hang of it whilst the rest of us laughed and yelled as we headed towards tree branches and the edge of the river bank. During this time, I developed a fear of watching the person punting (specifically if it was the dude...) as with every unstable motion he made, I would be cursing, for fear of capsizing and falling into the river.

The truth is, I cannot swim.

It was such a wonderful day even though it poured on us at some point but this summer, the blog 'n bake collective has had quite a few adventures together.

Winter is upon us and as the year draws to a close, Giulia & Sandy are off to their honeymoon in a week. Hannah & Sam are heading to Canada for Christmas. As for me, I will be travelling to Shanghai for work pretty soon. It will be a couple of months before the bunch of us gather again but I am sure 2014 will bring us lots more adventures together.

*These photos were taken on my Lomo Sardinia camera.

You can also find more photos of the day on Giulia's blog!