Colour printing

About ten years ago, I learnt black and white darkroom processing and printing. I recalled that I was so fascinated with the process and one thing I loved was watching the image take shape when the paper gets dunked into the developer. Today, I learnt about colour printing and am so in love with the process - working in complete darkness, changing the colour make up (cyan, magenta, yellow) and then seeing the result on the other end. There is no orange/red light in the dark room. Any hint of light e.g. mobile phone will fog the paper once exposed. It is as simple as that.

The technicality of developing a print requires a lot of patience and time. Colour print seems to have more variables than black and white. Below is what I produced today - giving colour printing a go (with some additional notes).


You can even get experimental with your final print i.e. pour bleach over the print and see the different layers of colours being bleached off slowly.


Stay tune for more updates on how I get on with my colour printing!