Finding my bearing

As photographers or aspiring photographers, there is always this constant struggle to find our own bearing. Perhaps for some, it may be easier but it seems to me that a lot of us struggle to find our way especially in this day and age where everyone is a photographer. Early last year, I set myself the task to explore photography outside of my architecture job and see where I can take it. I did a few portfolio reviews, spoke to photographer friends and made new ones. I was enjoying my new found inspiration so late last year with work taking its toll due to some issue, I cracked and quit. After all, I have been working full time for about eight years straight after university, I needed some time to rethink my future. As my postgraduate studies draws to an end in just about eight weeks, I can't help but be reflective.

Throughout the year, I see fellow aspiring photographers fight themselves and feel like they are going nowhere with their work. It is a journey, this.

I hope I can enjoy the next few weeks as it comes. There is absolutely no regret for taking the year out. For now, I am fighting to get my major project done as well as prepare for several exhibitions which are happening in the next few months before Christmas comes!