The idea and the execution

Being a photographer or even a creative, we thrive on ideas and execution. Sometimes, we get an idea for a project and we think, consider then research before deciding on its viability. Then we scope for locations, assess lighting conditions and test shoot to achieve the best results. 

Over the last few months, I have worked on several commissions in Singapore and London. My return to full-time employment at the start of the year proved tough and now I am slowly settling into a new part-time regime with photography work for the other half of the time. I was trying to stay away from the whole social media and retreated to just observing. A few times, I tried to start writing but ended up putting the post away. However, I am going to try to be more active and show an image which I have taken every week.  

Back on the topic of ideas - I recently read in a book about creative living beyond fear where ideas seek people out. This is what I call 'inspiration'. Two or more people might have the same idea in the world and the one who is brave enough to pursue it will be the one who come out triumphant. On the other hand, when you tell someone about an idea and you find them pursuing it six months after, you start to question if you should have said anything in the first place. No, the idea is not solely a single person's but when words are exchanged, I believe that there should be some courtesy in acknowledging it. In this case, I did not come up triumphant but I learnt my lesson. 

It has been a trying week but I seek new resolutions and have several new ideas in the works. I leave with an image which I took of Tim Andrews for his project 'Over the Hill'. This was our second shoot together in the very last days of his project this month. Tim emailed me late last year about his project and I was photographer 374. It has been such a pleasure to work with Tim and you can read about our previous shoot with him here and here on his blog. More soon!




Our two selves...

As humans, we have many sides to our personality. We present ourselves as a unified being but in actual fact, we are composed of many layers. Over the last few months, I decided to slow down whilst shooting and captured a few portraits of friends and loved ones with silver film. A small mistake quickly grew to become a mini project of mine. Below are some of the images I have captured on Mamiya RB67 and Hasselblad 501c. MauriS10x12_web_blk_ charles10x12_web_blk