Time really flew by this year. This was a post initially set for Christmas but the wretched cold has hit me hard for the last 3.5 weeks. There has hardly been anytime to reflect and I was starting to feel a little more human after my course of antibiotics but got ill again this week. Whilst in bed over the last couple of weeks, I read this article by Harper Lee on her Christmas in New York.  It was really touching and I think this year was my year which the dude gave to me and as it is coming to an end, I cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness. On the other hand, my work has been on show in several exhibitions in London this winter and to get feedback about the work has been a great experience. I am also happy to announce that A Woman's Fate will be shown at Art Rooms 2016 at Meliá White House from 22-25 January 2016.

I look forward to what 2016 brings and have several commissions and projects which I am eager to start working on. For now, it is going to be quiet New Year's eve for us and may the New Year brings all of us good health and fun times with family and friends.







And the year went... just like that.

What a feeling. Submitting my last assignment for the year. My year of being a student is now over. Not quite official but you get the gist. This year has gone by in a whiz. Total madness. As I now sit and enjoy a beer whilst planning for the hanging of the exhibition early next week, I can't help but feel a tinge of sadness. It has been a great year and who knows what tomorrow brings. Although there is fear showing my work to the public, I am still pleased with what I have done so far. It would be great if you can join us for the private view of the exhibition next Tuesday at London College of Communication between 6-9pm. There will be a lot of amazing work up on show, I promise.


And if you really would like to see what the work is about, here's a little sneak preview. More will come after the exhibition opening next week.

Finding my bearing

As photographers or aspiring photographers, there is always this constant struggle to find our own bearing. Perhaps for some, it may be easier but it seems to me that a lot of us struggle to find our way especially in this day and age where everyone is a photographer. Early last year, I set myself the task to explore photography outside of my architecture job and see where I can take it. I did a few portfolio reviews, spoke to photographer friends and made new ones. I was enjoying my new found inspiration so late last year with work taking its toll due to some issue, I cracked and quit. After all, I have been working full time for about eight years straight after university, I needed some time to rethink my future. As my postgraduate studies draws to an end in just about eight weeks, I can't help but be reflective.

Throughout the year, I see fellow aspiring photographers fight themselves and feel like they are going nowhere with their work. It is a journey, this.

I hope I can enjoy the next few weeks as it comes. There is absolutely no regret for taking the year out. For now, I am fighting to get my major project done as well as prepare for several exhibitions which are happening in the next few months before Christmas comes!



Whilst editing my photos after my first encounter with 'Bohemians4Soho', I wrote down a list of items which I felt were missing from my first set of photos.I felt that there was too much focus on what they stand for in my initial set where I shot posters, words and display of their protest. Also, after checking out the shots of Mingyang, it was really interesting to see his other perspective/angle and to assess what I was not covering. I also jotted down questions to ask some of people on the second night.

List of items to shoot: -  Capture space for context -  Speak to individuals and take portraits

Questions: - What kind of outcomes are they hoping to get from the developer? - How long are they prepared to be squatting at the ex-12 bar for? - Are they involved in Soho prior to their protest? i.e. if they are local artists, shop owners etc? - Have they been involved in other protests before? - Speak to neighbouring shops/ neighbours and ask if they support the protest.

It was a very useful exercise to do and I managed to capture some images which I was happier with. Mingyang and I are hoping to edit and come up with a zine soon! Watch this space!