As I get busier with my day job, there are fewer words when I get home. Dishpiglets has been going for about 18 months now and these days since starting the new job, I have hardly any time to cook, let alone bake. My week days are spent working long hours in the studio which I have dreamt of working at since we moved to London. As for my weekends, I try and have some time out and spend time with the dude and my friends. With the long term project of getting my photography website going, I have decided to focus on what I love and create this visual diary, where I will document my life and occasionally dig out some photos from the good ol' film photography days. Below are some of the black and white photos I took during my 2003 Nepal trip where we headed to Annapurna base camp (4145m). There were about 20 rolls of film in my day pack alongside my trusty Nikon SLR and three other lenses which I lugged with me. That was an experience like no other.